User Agreement

SOFTYKEYS.COM is a webstore with registered company in the European Union: "DIGITAL EMPIRE" Ltd, based in Bulgaria, with its registred address: Georgi Gylmezov, Sliven, 8801, Bulgaria. VAT ID:BG207827346
Our webstore provides our customers the digital products directly. SOFTY KEYS does not interfere with the process of your money transaction directly, the payment gateways do, but we provide a convenient interface for its execution. SOFTY KEYS guarantee you a 100% honesty between seller and buyer. SOFTY KEYS and its partners are responsible for the quality of the products sold, also responsible for the timely delivery of the goods in case of a successful payment, which happens instantly for the electronic delivery products. SOFTY KEYS is authoarized to edit and add more points to this terms of service page without any notification to its users in advance.


First of all, you have to understand that you are buying an electronic/digital\ product, and you do not have the opportunity to try it before buying it, unless a different product is advertised in the listing which includes a physical delivery. As the practice shows, most of the misunderstandings in online purchases arise from the fact that the customers are in a hurry and inattentively read the terms of sale, delivery or products' descriptions. Therefore, we would kindly advise you to take your time, take an extra minute and carefully revise all the information about the purchased product.

When choosing a product, we strongly recommend you to:

Read the product's description page very carefully and make sure that this is exactly what you are looking for. All information about the product is compiled by the softykeys.com It should be clear from the description exactly what you will receive after payment. If you have any questions or doubts, be sure to contact us so that we can help you with the product.


To pay for the product, you should click on the "Buy" button on the product's page. You will be redirected to the selected payment gateway, where following the instructions you should complete the payment procedure in a way convenient for you.


SOFTY KEYS is a store with instant delivery of its products, unless the product being sold is advertised as a physical one which required international or domestic delivery by courier company. You get an access to all digital products - activation codes immediately after your payment - you do not have to wait a minute to start using the paid product. If you bought a windows/antivirus key, then immediately after payment you will be provided with the serial key(code), if you bought a prepaid card, then you will be provided with all the details of this card (serial number, pin code) or its scanned image, etc.


For each product purchased on our trading platform, you can leave a review, as well as get an additional gift of feedback.