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Not suitable for IOS!

Cloudflare + WARP VPN

Increasing privacy.
Your device´s Internet requests do not get into the database of the local communication provider.
Do not leave the opportunity to monitor what you are doing online on your device.
Cloudflare believes that privacy is your personal right and guarantees the inviolability of your data.

The ability to read blocked resources on the Internet.
Thanks to the built-in VPN service.
The work of torrent clients and trackers and other resources is not blocked.

Increased speed and high fault tolerance with the WARP VPN function with unlimited traffic replaces the connection between the device and the Internet with a modern, optimized Cloudflare DNS protocol. According to the service http://www.dnsperf.com occupies one of the highest positions for a long time.
In November 2021, it was the first in terms of performance, uptime, quality.
Thanks to the modern and large network of Cloudflare servers in Europe and Russia, Cloudflare bypasses Yandex DNS and Google DNS in many respects.

Ease of use
One-touch setup to make your internet more secure and private.

Speed with Cloudflare WARP+
Every second Cloudflare tests thousands of routes over the internet to determine which ones have the best performance. The developers promise to make thousands of sites 30% faster (on average) when using a paid WARP+ subscription, adding unlimited traffic for the VPN service.


1. Install on your device -
2. In the tray on the taskbar, find WARP, click on the "Settings" icon
3. "Account" - "Use another key" - enter the purchased activation key.



Not suitable for IOS!

Up to 5 Devices

Global Activation


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