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360 Total Security Premium is a professional security software that comes with multiple tools aiming to provide you with a much safer use of your devices. Thanks to its high detection rate, the software is able to effectively respond to most kinds of threats. Even the well-disguised malware won’t slip through on the software’s watch – the program detects dangers in real-time and blocks suspicious behavior before the harmful code damages your computer or steals your data.

Real-Time Detection
Your computer may get infected at times. Whenever you visit a new website or open a suspicious email attachment, you are at risk of running harmful code that may mess with your system or even steal your data. 360 Total Security detects threats in real-time and acts immediately, reducing the negative impact of malicious code to a minimum, often blocking the dangers before the harmful code executes.

Document Protector
Protect your files with a document protector. 360 Total Security can automatically back up your data making them safe from being tampered with by ransomware and similar software or by file corruption caused by faulty systems or by power outages. Vacation photos, financial reports, or even your novels if you happen to be an author – all of these are safe with 360 Total Security.

Data Shredder
360 Total Security is not only antivirus software but also a package of multiple utility tools, including the data shredder. Usually, after deleting the file, it is not really deleted. Instead, certain sectors on the hard drive are marked as free and may be overwritten with new data. This means as long as these sectors are not overwritten, deleted files may still be recovered.

Privacy Cleaner
Whatever you do on your PC, you are leaving digital footprints behind. Privacy Cleaner totally removes your traces, including browser history, program activities, system run history.

Disk Analyzer
View what’s taking up your disk space at a glance. Files are sorted in the order of size, giving you the idea where to start cleaning and easily delete unused items to free up your space.

Driver Updater
Driver Updater makes it easy to keep all your drivers updated. The built-in backup feature offers another precaution that allows you to restore drivers to the previous version when they can't function properly.


1. Download 360 Total Security from here

2. Install and Run the program. 

3. Open 360 Total Security and click “Enable Your Premium” in the drop-down list

4. Enter your 25-character key into the field.

5. Click the Register button.


1 Key = 5 Devices


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